About us

Arkin Jeugd & Gezin (Youth & Family) is a centre for child and youth psychiatry and addiction treatment with locations in Amsterdam. Children and young people (between the ages of 0 and 23 years) from the Amsterdam-Amstelland region and Zaanstreek-Waterland region can reach out to us. Children and young people come to us for diagnosis and treatment of ADHD/ADD, autism spectrum disorders, depression, anxiety and compulsory disorders, behavioural disorders, psychosis and other psychiatric problems or addiction problems.

In determining treatment, we always carefully consider what a child and its family need, and what best suits the child. This may take the form of individual treatments or group therapy, with or without the parents present. Medication can prove useful for certain problems. Treatment takes place at one of our locations or at the client’s home, depending on the nature and scale of the problem.

How do I register?

We can help you deal with disturbing feelings that just will not go away, if you often experience problems with others without meaning to, or if you are worried that you may be addicted. To register with us, you will need a referral. You can mail your referral letter to us at aanmelden@arkin.nl or by post to: Centrale Aanmelding Arkin, Postbus 75848, 1070 AV Amsterdam. As soon as we have received the letter of referral, the Central Registration at Arkin (CAA) will plan an initial interview with you, based on the information in the referral letter and possibly information from previous treatments. We may also need to ask further questions. One of the practitioners at CAA will contact you and/or your GP or referring physician.

How do I obtain a referral letter?

You can ask your GP or the local team in your municipality for a referral letter. Up to the age of 18 you may also be referred by the paediatrician, a medical specialist or a youth care institution. If you are already 18 years or older, you can be referred either by your GP or by a medical specialist, street doctor or therapist in charge at an external care provider.

The referring physician will send the referral letter to us. If you have no contact with your GP, you can also contact us directly. We will look into how we can be of further assistance.

Up to the age of 18 years, you pay no deductible for care provided by Arkin. From the age of 18 onwards, you may have to pay a deductible. For general questions you can call us on working days between 08:30 and 17:00 hours at: 020 – 590 44 44. You can also send us an email at any time to: aanmelden@arkin.nl

Waiting times

Arkin Jeugd & Gezin does everything possible to keep waiting lists as short as possible. When you or your parents register with us, we will contact you by telephone to make an appointment for an intake interview.

Waiting time for treatment and registration

The Registration waiting time is the period between registration and intake.
The Treatment waiting time is the period between intake and the start of treatment.

If the waiting time is too long, you or your GP can contact us at any time.

The waiting times have nothing to do with the organisation with which you are insured. If waiting times exceed the standard, it is also possible to ask your health insurer to mediate for a shorter waiting time. Your health insurer will assist you in ensuring that the waiting time remains within the standard. The standard specifies maximum acceptable waiting times agreed jointly between healthcare providers and health insurers (the agreed standards are that within four weeks following your initial contact with a care provider, you will have an intake interview, and that treatment will start within ten weeks of the intake).

Direct crisis care

If you are in a crisis situation or if someone in your environment is at risk of entering a crisis, and you want our help, contact your treating practitioner directly.
If you are not yet receiving treatment, contact your GP. If your GP is unavailable, contact the out-of-hours GP service by calling 088-00 30 600, the A&E department of a general hospital or if necessary the police.

Are you worried that someone may commit suicide or are you having suicidal thoughts yourself?

Stichting 113 Zelfmoordpreventie
Call anonymously on 0900 – 0113

Read about what you can do if you need help now: www.113.nl/english. This website also offers an anonymous chat service with the staff of 113.

Security plan suicide prevention

Are you worried that someone in your environment is at risk of committing suicide? We can offer you a security plan. The security plan is a useful reminder of what to do in an emergency situation. The security plan can be downloaded here, in a number of languages.

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